Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daddy strikes again

During visitation, prior to going with Scouts to the police station having the giggled over paddy wagon, Dad was taking J shopping. J is trying out for a baseball team and needs (not really because they're just practicing inside but...) cleats. He did outgrow his bats, so he needed another, well, obviously two, actually. One for each, um, arm. He also desperately needed a new baseball bag, because his old one was the fancy version embroidered with the old team.

Could they stop with the abundance of baseball gear? No. On a roll, NASCAR had to cruise into the picture and my son now has the jacket. To apparently wear while with me. In public. With me. Outside.

Daddy deserves that paddy wagon.

In comparison, I really didn't mind the days when he wore cowboy boots with shorts. Posted by Picasa


DD said...

Shall I send you a beer hat as an accessory?

Kellie said...

*sigh* Well, look on the bright side - J will soon grow out of it. LOL Not a lot of comfort I know.

I remember one time my son came back from his dad's with a new suede coat. I was speechless and my ex didn't understand why I didn't think that a 6 year old needed a suede coat... in a state that snows or rains most days in the winter. How practicle is it for a CHILD to wear suede out to play in the snow? Nevermind the fact that the kid was growing and would certainly only be able to wear it one season. I sure could have used that $300.00 he spent on much more practicle thing... but then again, I'm the bitch. I never *get it*.

Well-heeled mom said...

Wow. Ain't that something?

I don't really get Nascar. It might be better in person, but to watch it on TV? Right up there with golf.