Wednesday, January 03, 2007

If the creeks don't rise

Tomorrow should be a fun day. If things go as planned, I am taking my son out of school to join Luke and his two boys. We're going to another city to see one of my son's favorite museums and a marina of sorts. This is my son's favorite city and I love it, too. It is also ex-f's football town; it'll be my first time there since Xmas a year ago when everything fell apart. I think it will be good to have such a trip under my belt and get that out of the way.

With all the extra time he's been working, Luke's trying to take tomorrow and Friday off to compensate. I haven't heard yet if he was successful. His boys leave on Saturday, Luke flying them down and back the same day. I have my son this weekend, but have no idea what we'll do. I have my rescheduled reception to get organized for school, but I can't get into it. At least I have written most of my talk, done primarily because I had composed it in my mind as I drove to and from my grandfather's funeral. Otherwise, I have a bunch of certificates to make and medals to label. At least someone else is handling the food for me.

This is the most boring post ever, but it's all I got. I want to write a post about the biofeedback stuff I've been doing, but I can't say anything very positive just yet. Theoretically, I am about 20-25% finished, but I can't tell a difference yet. Perhaps I am a tougher case; I am getting that impression. I will say that I am shocked at how wearing some electrodes and watching video games for a little while will completely zonk me. Going twice a week for four sessions total is not easy. At least it is free, so I don't have to worry about being a tough case AND having to pay for the additional sessions.

Alas. I guess I have said what I needed to about biofeedback and don't need another post just yet. And I keep saying to myself and Luke, "Next month I should be able to clean and sleep like a normal person." I am a believer, but he is not, so I've told him to hold his tongue.

Speaking of which, I fucking cannot wait until his kids are gone so I can get some tongue and other action. I will feel much more normal then, when PDA is no longer an issue. Oh, another perk: I should orgasm easier and quicker after biofeedback, because I should be able to turn off the misc chatter in my brain which interrupts me. That alone makes it alllllll worth it.


Kellie said...

Wow. I guess I'm going to have to sign me up for some biofeedback!

Have fun tomorrow.

DD said...

Who knew that the first few paragraphs of this post were just a ruse(sp?) for the last one? You minx, you.