Saturday, January 27, 2007

It worked

"So ... tonight ... out ... dance with other friends ... maybe go see a band ... drink max of two beers at each place ... behave ... ignore Luke ... have fun in spite of any other factors."

And I did. I am proud it worked.

When I arrived, I quickly scanned the parking lot, but didn't see his car. Mr. Paranoid will say he has a nondescript one on purpose; it's invisibility worked on me. I wasn't expecting to see him inside, but oops there he was. Simultaneous to that, though, was the guy whose bed I slept in - well, he and the guy who had shared the room two weeks ago - that saved me from riding back in the van. Then things were cool, because I was adored and I like being adored. heh

Miss Conservative Dress here wore her lowest cut top (which isn't even low enough to show cleavage), but it seemed to work nonetheless. I should invest in more.

Anyway, I stayed at that place a while, met new people, danced a little, etc. It's a singles group I meet with, so kinda like ready-made friends, although some I've know almost five years. I participate with the group based on who I am dating and whether or not they want to participate. P didn't, so we didn't. Others didn't, so I didn't. I've never actually dated anyone from within the group, though.

It was fun, but low key. I wanted to hop to the next place with the band and the guy who I'd (not)slept with - I guess he needs a name, like Ted, b/c it sounds like bed - rode with me. See! I drank two beers over a couple hours and could drive! I behaved.

The next place had an incredible band I'd wanted to see. Excellent. Lots of dancing, although Ted takes booze to dance and he didn't have enough. But there were others to dance with.

Then of course, freak Luke followed me there. The gall of that guy. I can see getting to a breaking point with feeling shadowed. He arrived with traitor (but a very nice guy) who had been Ted's roommate in the hotel. He needs a name, too. He'll be Lee.

So Lee and Luke arrived together. After a while, I asked Lee to dance and I sat between Ted and Lee. Luke stood behind us, as it was a very small bar. It was creepy, except I was having fun and dancing - 1.5 beers total.

I don't get that guy, Luke. Following me. As I was dancing and glancing around, I saw him watching me. Maybe he finally thinks I'm attractive now that it's too late.

He finally left alone and without a word between us. Never danced.

I held my tongue last night, but I don't see that lasting forever. Who's stalking whom?

As an aside, there was this regular at the second bar who was eyeing me. My god, he was young and ever so cute. One friend, a regular at that bar, came up to me and said he's always thought the guy looked like Matt Da.mon. After (painfully) studying him a while, I decided he looks more like Heath Led.ger, quite yummy. He saw me looking at him as I was blatantly trying to do research (heh), and made noises, okay, I am so shallow, he made cat calls after I'd stood next to him at the bar getting a water. Heath Led.ger made cat calls. Swoon.

I'll take it where I can get it, because I am that shallow sometimes.

Let's see what pans out tonight at another gathering...


brite69 said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good time.

I bet Luke was jealous that you were enjoying yourself. I've noticed that guys tend to get a bit pissy if they see a woman they've been with having fun with out them. Maybe now he'll take the hint and quit being such an ass.

Val said...

Mee-owch! I would say that guy is a dead ringer for Heath, yessirree... Very very easy on the ol' eyeballs!
I desperately need a girls' night out myself, maybe this weekend?