Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sans recommendation

I saw two movies recently, both starring some very powerful women. I was disappointed in both, although both still garnered Oscar nominations this morning.

Yes, Penelope Cruz is beautiful and she looked like Sophia Loren in Volver, but I do not think buoyant boobs do a great movie make. It had its clever moments, many even funny. But Oscar? No. It does not deserve the beef. It is a cute little movie that fell short to me even before awards were announced for Cruz.

Tataaas = Oscaaas.

The other movie, Notes on a Scandal, had Cate Blanchette boobies, but more the free spirit, hang loose version, not choking her at the neckline. It had no Judi Dench boobs. This is another movie for which I am not understanding the acclaim, except it had great actresses in a mediocre, drawn out story. Again, parts were clever, but much was predictable and boring.

Maybe in this one, it was the teenaged love interest that was so, umm, interesting. I am a sucker for a brunette with clear, light blue eyes and pale skin. Yum. Been the source of crushes for years.


Smarshy said...

"Great boobies do not a great movie make"


Cricket said...


Is that testosterone I smell in here?

Visuals of love pillows negate all other male senses. And we forgive you. heh