Monday, January 08, 2007

He's a husky now

My skinny little babe is in a growing phase - going outward to facilitate the future going upward. He began filling out last summer, especially in his chest and shoulders. Now he's bigger in the belly, too.

These are his first pair of husky jeans and they came from Wally World. I got a second pair at Targ3t. Both were store brands and the best fit. I like how they have sliders and buttons inside the band to drastically change the size of the waist. [For future reference, Wrangl3rs are for husky walruses.] I figured I shouldn't pay much, as they might not last long. I also figured that I shouldn't look at Kohl's because I might head to the women's department.

A few days ago when I told ex I was going to buy husky jeans, he exclaimed, "Husky!" and I could hear the undercurrent, "He really does take after you!" Then I explained how he's had trouble for a while getting his pants buttoned. He said he'd noticed, but he just figured J was lazy or uncoordinated or something. I countered it is because he's grown and ex reluctantly came on board.

Of course today he called with a baseball program that will be a hike for us to make the practices. In essence, he has prescribed my time for me. Now I must evaluate whether J's heart is in it and will that over ride my own. Starting next week, he has a try out as he is watched over several practices. Apparently he's missed baseball and training, as he learned of the opportunity and was right on jumping jacks, push ups, and running.

Maybe he'll get his baby tummy off if he makes the team or maybe he'll be a player with some heft for the first time. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much he has grown! Oh my goodness! He is so adorable.

Kellie said...

I remember the days of husky jeans! Just wait in a few years, J will be so skinny that you'll wish he still wore huskys. Teens don't grow like kids do - they don't get chubby in prep for a big growth. They just keep growing and growing and pretty soon they are so darn skinny you'll think a good wind would carry them away.

DD said...

Kids seem to start round, grow up, round out, grow up and round out again. My nephew at 16-18 had quite the tummy on him as well. Who knew that he would grow another couple of inches taking up the slack?