Monday, January 29, 2007

Roll over, roll over

The other night I was out with the group, having rode with Ted. Lee was going to drive us - his truck with the camper lid thing - but decided to not come out of his way for us, so we met him there. It was both foretelling and fortunate.

Once there, I secured some seats at a tall table, had a few beers, shared some appetizers. I was waiting on the pokey band to start and was willing to be a little away from the group in order to have a seat.

Then something suddenly changed in my mood and I really wanted to be anti-social and alone. I'd gotten up to get a Diet Coke and a switch turned. I sat by myself and heard concerned whispers about it. A while later, I realized that my neck hurt and I must have been in pain. (I'm so hard headed that I don't always recognize pain right away.) So between the Advil and the caffeine kicking in, I suddenly felt more social.

Later on, Ted commented on me sitting alone; others were concerned, too. He'd come to check on me once, but it goes to show that he listens. He said he let me be, that I was having an introverted moment. How perceptive! If someone had forced me to be social before I was ready, I'd have bitten their head off.

It is unusual for me to have a mood change like that, but I sure am glad it changed back.

We all stayed until the bar closed, so things definitely turned around for the better. The gossip was too good. I love hearing the dirt, while I simultaneously know that I was "the one with all the drama" a few weeks ago. Oh well.

Afterward, Lee wanted to show us his camper and we were potentially going to sleep (yes, sleep) together as a threesome again to avoid driving. We hung out, had some Crown, as Lee showed us all the camper's features. Cool toy. We then sat at the table and talked more, but the discussion turned to politics. Mild mannered Lee became a raging, screaming Republican who could not tolerate Ted being an Independent. I gently kept trying to say that I am, too, but Lee was too far gone in his anger, pointing, and screaming. Ted had put him over the edge and Ted had been completely calm.

Having had enough (of that night and of their two year association he refused to call a friendship),Ted said it was time to go and we did. It was strange. We didn't know if Lee had more to drink that we'd realized. At least we were okay to drive an hour home.

I like Ted. He and I can joke (even fake yell and call each other bitch; he's very Italian and you'd think NYer if you didn't know better) or seriously discuss anything. He's ADHD, has been medicated in the past, and he thinks the way his brain is wired gives him tremendous insight. He says he sees and puts things together that others don't. I believe it.

Of course, before the fight they learned I have a blog so everyone's last breath is always that they'll find it. Needle in a haystack. I told them both that they already had fake names. Guess that makes it all the more attractive to learn the scoop I'm dishing.

This is babbling, but it's where I am now. Ted and I talked by phone last night for probably 90 minutes. He is so entertaining and we get each other. I'm not sure we're for each other. In fact, Saturday night I said, based on the gossip, how unwise it seems to be to date anyone from the single's group, as it is better served as a friend thing and social outlet than complicating it with dating. Alas, it's ironic to not want to date from within a single's group. Having a social life is better.


Well-heeled mom said...

Having a social life is better.

I like that. But, some of the best relationships are those that started as friendships.

DD said...

The benefit of keeping it social is that there's no awkward break-up or stalking (yeah, Luke, I'm talking about you).

Definitely keep it light.