Monday, May 28, 2007

The boys

They're actually hanging out in the vicinity of one another.

Memphie is still on to the red pre-flash laser. My son crawled into my bed when I was up doing early morning computing. Isn't the new comforter lovely?

High strung Spencie is a very clean cat. He's gotten his tongue and/or jaw stuck under his collar twice in the past two weeks, that I know of. I've tightened it both times, but I may take it off.

I love cats bald in front of their ears.

Memphie has been known to sweetly head butt/nudge Spencie one second and swat the next. Calm is waiting for the next storm, but calm is nice while it lasts. They are finding their way. Spencie's only been voluntarily getting on the bed for a week. He's gotten used to the idea quickly while Memphie feels invaded if I'm not petting and cooing him into submission.

The three of them are Mama's boys.
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brite69 said...

LOL I need to post some of my cats soon. They're nuts!

Your boys are all adorable.