Thursday, May 17, 2007

Silly excitement

More flowers to come, but in the mean time...

I remember in the days of P during the second quarter of his year long unemployment after he'd sold his house and had some change, he bought his daughter an iPod and himself a different brand. She downloaded her own stuff online from the scary, teenaged dark side. Pig that he is, he went hog wild on Lime.wire (thanks to Brite for reminding me of the site) and would carry on about his finds, as I would brainstorm about what else he should get. His player had lots more space than his daughter's, songs in the thousands.

I have often wondered if he took the time to unload some of my favorites (I sort of doubt it b/c he refused to keep the playlists on his computer in case the FBI came by to investigate Lime.wire users!), because he had Celtic/Blues/etc to satisfy me. I think he probably kept it all on (plus is listening to it twice daily on the train) and, when his wife hears it, she thinks these odd things are actually his taste.

I guess I am finally jealous he didn't get me one, too. Nor did he get me a new computer the same summer he got both of them new hardware. Shoot. Silly, silly me, I forgot nobody gives back to me, they just take... Now hasn't this post gone a place I didn't want to go? Hook me up to some EEG NOW! The three week break killed me. You've witnessed lingering and re-heightened PTSD.

So, late last fall, Luke, ye of the slow ass computer, asked me to load his new MP3 player and I had to figure out Lime.wire for myself. I loaded his player and he was very happy. I think it was only about 250MB, so about 120 songs.

I'd gotten my son a little 125MB from Woot for his birthday for about $15 and finally loaded it after Luke's. He was thrilled, truly, but he lost it over the winter - probably someplace in the house. So I got three more via Woot, 250s this time, including one for Ted because he is also a technically-challenged ye of a slow ass computer, aka El Cheapitude.

My son's is a work in progress, but Ted's got about 120 songs and he was quite pleased. So pleased to take advantage of me, in fact, that he struggled to pay the mere $18 + $5 shipping. Ass.

I'd let the third one gather dust until last week when I realized that I do deserve one for myself, too. These SanDisk ones, though, are cheap, do not shuffle, get stuck, are pains to manipulate. You get what you pay for. Typical Woot. Fine for a kid who''s gonna loose it and an ass who's gonna get lost.

My delay in loading one for me was because I debated if the third one should be for ex. I considered whether it should be for his Spring birthday or Father's Day, but I concluded that I wanted to give him a nicer one. He has refused to load a player for himself (he does not like that Lime.wire is reciprocal in access), but I know his musical tastes perfectly. See, his love of classic country and his lesser love of classic rock mean that nothing much changes over time. And I chuckle at how much better I know him than his new wife does.

So I bought two more via eBay, nicer ones for me and him, with J getting quite jealous. They were only $25 each and have 2GB storage on them. I haven't received the gadgets yet, but I started the playlist for ex, gathered from some of that stuff I had already and a bunch more downloads off Lime.wire. Right now, 2GB is about 670 songs. It has taken so fucking long to get to that point, but I am continually weeding stuff out, so it's not a matter of finding songs to include.

On Lime.wire, people label songs with the wrong singers, so you have to check if things are covers or incorrect. Also, sometimes there are skips and you need to download from another source. Sometimes the end is clipped off. Again, you get what you pay for. Takes time.

Anyway, I titled this 'Silly excitement' before I wrote this meandering post. And I'll keep it labelled that way. I have been so excited at the prospect of giving ex something he will enjoy so.damn.much. Of late, he's bought me a very nice camera and he also bought me a lawn mower, with the added bonus of teaching J to mow and monitoring him each week, too. He's due for a good gift in return.

Even though it has been a little painful looking up these old coots at Lime.wire, guys who used to be my friends, too, and we saw together. I do like their goods still: Dwight Yo.akum (saw him, sexy mofo - if he has his hat on), George Jone.s (saw him, too - he actually showed up!), Merle Hagg.ard (saw him with The Jud.ds), Willie Nel.son (was to see him, but he broke his thumb that week riding a bicycle), David Allen Co.e (was to be with Willie), plus so many more. You didn't know I am reformed (or not) country, huh? My long hair just can't cover up my redneck.

I tried hard with each song to make sure my motivation for including it was for him, not me. I remember P making me CD after CD when he was loading his MP3 player, maybe it was to make up for me not having a MP3 player like them, but I soon discovered that his Cricket Mix 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on and so on were actually for him and his tastes, not mine. Do you know how fucking much I hate Can.ned Heat now, as if I ever liked them before? That falsetto shit was his all time favorite song.

So, although I'd love to include Miss Rait.t's (saw her for my 40th birthday and was stupefied) "Love Me Like a Man" (Oh they want me to rock them / like my back ain't got no bone / I want a man to rock me / like my… backbone was his own / Darlin' I know you can), I will not make such statements musically. However, I will include John Hiatt (who will be well represented although ex has probably never heard of him but would definitely enjoy his style - I swoon over Eth.ylene and want a man to love me that way), the Out.laws (Ghost Ri.ders in the Sky) ,and the Allma.n Brothers (saw all three of these groups with P), with the latter's "Whi.pping Post" (which they did not perform when we sat stunned in the bored audience; their playlist sucked royally) particularly because sometimes I feeeeeeel like I've been

Yeah, by every man I meet.

Okay, a little agenda snuck in.


h2o girl said...

Ooooh, the allman bros. are a guilty pleasure of mine. I even learned the bass line from Elizabeth Reed to impress an ex-bf a long, long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I tagged you for a meme on my blog

brite69 said...

David Allen (alan?) Co.e plays at The Mac.hine Sh.op quite regularly. I haven't gone to see him cuzz I'm not too sure of his music. The boyfriend likes him, but he plays the more racist kind of music and none of the other stuff. :-/

Cricket said...

DAC is a piece of work. There is a greatest hits CD that is clean that I like. Guys love the nasty stuff. Now he and Rodney Carring.ton write together - that's really sick. I saw RC with P and he's just as bad. Guys.