Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eight things

you didn't know about me...

Got tagged via the drowned girl, who is in the midst of her first DE cycle. Go make sure she doesn't laugh those boogers out. Glad to find her and have her as a reader, although SIF sadly isn't too much of a focus around here anymore.

First, allow me to say that I blog about so much specific stuff, I don't know how I'll find eight things you don't know about me. Somehow. I rarely talk about food, maybe that's a good way to start.

1) I hate watermelon, but love watermelon candy.

2) I hate banana-flavored anything, but love bananas.

3) I love rice and had sincerely hoped it would a love shared by my son, but he has always hated rice. Always.

4) I hate gum and cannot stand to be in the company of someone chomping on it. I hate it on the sidewalk or the wall. I hate it in a tissue on the table where someone removed it to dine. I hate it in a mother's hand when a kid spits it out there. I just hate it. It gives me the willies.

5) I buy kid six packs of chocolate pudding, but not for my kid. It is a 100 calorie chocolate fix I adore without too much guilt.

6) I think I must be into puddings. I have loved flan since that summer I spent in Spain. I love rice pudding (go figure) as well as tapioca. I do not care about their calories or guilt.

7) I have a favorite cat, wish desperately it was not that way, try hard to compensate for it, but can't change it, except through time. As of last night, they finally shared my bed to sleep for the first time, on and off through the night. The older one kindly approached and sniffed the younger one and there were no hisses or growls from the younger one; come to think of it, I have not heard aggressive/defensive sounds like that for about two weeks. I think the older one wants to snuggle. They've had almost five weeks together. Maybe a few more and they will be snuggling. As it is the last two weeks, they play a lot, but it is rather rough chasing, so it isn't exactly brotherly. Or rather, it is quite brotherly?

8) For the big finale: I am glad to not have another child to take care of by myself or to have to share with someone like ex-f. My sense of loss about not having another child is finally eclipsed by the impracticality of the elements that are my life. More on this tomorrow.

Val (Vet extraordinaire who now mostly emails her blog updates - love that)
Brite (Who is entirely too quiet, because she is too entertaining and I want more)
Shinny (Hearty congrats on the double line!)
DD (Fingers crossed on your 2ww)
Donna (Who has had some bumps but is finally close to riding her horse, Missy)

Perhaps you've done this, but surely there are eight other things?

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