Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moving outdoors

Usually going to the exhibit later in the season, we saw fewer butterflies Saturday, both indoors and out. As people exit, travellers will ride on clothing into the great beyond, so the gardens nearby can be as exotic and butterfly-laden as the exhibit inside.

Rather than being able to show outdoor butterflies, here are some stellar flowers shining on their own: iris, pansies, peonies, etc.

My next post will be on the strangest flower I have ever seen, a series on the stages of this odd stalk.













PS - My son has his first orthodontics visit next week. I want so much for him to smile with his teeth showing again.


Klynn said...

What beautiful flowers. And that last one (the one with the freckles) is quite handsome. I bet he'll be a late bloomer (with the smiling).

I don't know if you've ever seen an orthodontist, yourself, but be prepared for impressions. They will likely take molds of his teeth, and the impression trays and goop can make even the most strong willed kids gag and barf. I know, I worked for an orthodontist for a short time, and couldn't tell you how many kids puked on me (well not *on* me, but...). Hope it all goes well for him, though, and he doesn't need a lot of work, if any.

Cricket said...

Vivid reminder. I definitely remember the molds, holding up my foot and concentrating on my toes to distract me. I had braces twice, but ex never did. Ex has disgustingly perfect teeth. His dentists have always marvelled at his mouth, even though his teeth are actually nothing to look at.

The thing next week is just a consult. It is free, even. X-rays, etc come afterwards, depending on when they want to start.

Shinny said...

Toothy smile or not, he is still the best looking flower in that series. Of course, I am a bit biased as I have a no tooth, red headed smiler of my own, if we can get him to smile now that he is a big teenager. Not cool, apparently, to have you mom see you smile. ;) Good luck with the ortho.

DD said...

Woman, get thee a flickr account!