Friday, May 11, 2007


I went to my thyroid doctor for a check up/6 month pap and showed her the rash on my neck, because hypothyroidism frequently causes slow skin turnover, dryness, acne, and general dermal unhappiness. The rash is pretty much covered by my hair, splotches beginning at each ear running down and back, which I remember having as far back as December at least. I'd changed shampoos last week and the flat spots went from pinkish to brown, so I thought it was getting better.

Nah, thinks Dr. Thyroid. It's a fungus infection and needs to be treated with a cream for two weeks.

She thinks it's tinea. Besides looking a little funny and feeling dry, I really haven't had any symptoms, so that's why I didn't worry too much about getting it treated.

Some of you might realize what tinea is: athlete's foot. Or, better yet, jock itch.

How on earth might I get jock itch on my neck?

I take that question back.

Better yet, maybe I gave tinea to an asshole.


Klynn said...


Or, to be more accurate, you most likely got it from an asshole [or in that general know what I mean]. Either way, I sincerely hope he is squirming in his pants right now. Literally, and figuratively. Who'd have thought that if he'd be so generous as to actually *give* you something, it'd be that?

[insert eye roll here]

Hope all your irritating conditions are cleared up and gone soon. (((Hugs)))

Cricket said...

I can't blame Ted, as he didn't come around (heh) until February.

One can only hope that I am still, um, hanging around with him.

I guess this dates from Luke, but he wasn't that orally inclined. It could just be spontaneous and I am lucky.

Ron Southern said...


Oh, mama, can this really be the end
To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again...