Thursday, May 31, 2007

Po' PO

I went to the post office yesterday afternoon. I spoke with the supervisor, who said his boss (the Postmaster? I didn't ask) is out of town and he can't do anything until bossman returns, even though he should have contacted me last week. He then said the carrier was coming back in right then, so I could talk to him. Wait, wait, wait somemore.

Finally, picture a smarmy, sleazy, intimidating Wil.lem Daf.oe and you know what I was dealing with. Going on the offense and leaning out the little window in the heavy door, he confronted me about what type of packaging it was. I told him that I learned through the postal clerk who spoke to him last week that it was an envelope, but I didn't know before that. He said that it fit perfectly in my door, as did every other package I'd gotten from him that he left in my door. He never had a problem before, so he left this one in there, too. I countered that I get so few USPS packages, how could he really know that?

Although I didn't say that I always wondered why he left packages instead of cards, I did say he was grossly mistaken about the safety of my door - and the traffic going by. I've had a stink bomb and an arson report out of it. I've had a bike stolen from the back yard. I've even had a package (a box, I think, which would not have fit in the door - seems like it was some pottery) missing before, but I never reported it because it was inexpensive and I settled it with the ebayer. [I'd been out of town, had no idea when it came, didn't realize it for a few weeks that it'd been missing, so I didn't pursue it. This was about three years ago.] Anyway, making assumptions about my door is wrong.

I asked why he didn't put it in the package box at the mailboxes. He said that people who are in my chest of boxes (the only one of the three chests without a package box) just take the package box keys home and don't get their package out. I retorted that if he knew me as well as he professed, then he knows that I 1) read English and 2) am not stupid. [I didn't say that he did leave me a package like that once and I followed instructions perfectly like a good little postal customer.]

So he got heated, saying he did what he always did, with a glib, Will.em Dafo.e, inauthentic, and aggressive "Sorryyyy" to boot.

The supervisor pushed him away, then said he got what he needed. Previously, the carrier would not confess to him where he'd left the package, but he knew the carrier would tell me when I confronted him. It was a set up. Not only did the carrier say he'd left this package, he said he'd left others in the past. The supervisor will be crafting a "Letter of Demand" stating that the carrier will have to reimburse me - and the only receipt I gave them was for the Paypal total ($70), which included shipping, so I should get the entire amount. This letter will go to the supervisor's boss, who is supposed to return to town tomorrow.

I feel better, except now my postman hates me and that can't be good. If he fucks with my Netflix deliveries, there will be hell to pay. Oh, and my monthly check from ex.

I'm screwed.


Kellie said...

I'm a firm believer that the term "going postal" should only be used to describe the acts of the customer AFTER dealing with a crappy postal carrier.

True story. Last week while our fence was being installed, the fence dorks parked their trucks in front of my mailbox and the mailbox of my neighbor. I saw an issue immediately but it was relatively early in the day and I thought I would ask them to move around 11am - our delivery twat usually comes about 2. Except this day - this day she came at 10:30 - pulled into my cul-de-sac, saw the trucks blocking the boxes and screated out of the cul-de-sac without even so much as a honk of her horn. It should be mentioned that I am *always* home - always. She NEVER leaves packages at my door or at my box, she honks her horn and I come running. She never gets out of her car and she's ALWAYS on her cell phone - something that irritates me to no end. She doesn't say hi, bye, kiss my ass, or anything - just shoves packages at me. On two occasions, I've watched from my window as she struggled to get her fat arm inside my box (lol - how many times do you use that sentence) and gave up, leaving my outbound mail inside the mailbox and putting the flag down. (Can you say, illegal?) Now, the trucks were blocking the boxes and I should have said something - but I still thought I had time. I wouldn't have cared but 1) I was expected Netflix movies and 2) my neighbor had outbound mail. So I called the postmaster and regailed my tales of woe to her and after she got done chewing me out for not having the trucks moved from away from the front of the boxes, she apologized that the delivery twat didn't honk her horn or god forbid, get her ass out of the car and at the minimum get my neighbors outbound mail. Within 10 minutes, the postmaster was at my house apologizing and I haven't seen the delivery twat since. LOL What comes around goes around...

Glad you're at least getting your money back. I have no doubt he's enjoying his new mp3 players.

Cricket said...

My friend, as I live and breathe...

I called the PO supervisor this morning to say that I was not comfortable with how the conversation went, that I am afraid about my mail delivery. He said he had a long conversation with the guy afterwards and it was made miniscule in the grand scope, my words. Supposedly Will.em is okay with it.

The supervisor didn't have my paper with the price, so I faxed it over. He called a little later and asked if a check made out to me would be alright. I said it would, so it's supposed to be in my box today.

I still feel like this'll bite me in the ass, so make sure when I complain of identity theft, late support checks, and deliquent DVDs, you remind me of Will.em.

I'll be making a copy of his check, too, so it'll make researching him much easier. HA!