Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3rd oil

I painted this last week and picked it up this week.

I love to paint lemons no matter the medium.

I do not love to paint bowls.

I had no idea how hard it is to photograph oils, but there is always a glare.

I am happy with this for it being such an early effort. The exercise was to paint with the largest brush we had with us and mine was about 3/4"-1" wide, which does not cut a fine swath, but does pretty well nonetheless.

PS - Forgot one detail. It was done with a palette of three colors - yellow, red, blue and I added burnt sienna - so there was no black. Ha dd!

PPS - For some reason, I am not able to comment on my own blog this morning. I get a MS error that closes the window. I hope it is not permanent.


Anonymous said...

I've been watching your art progress over the last year or two..this one is really good. I love it.

DD said...

I really loved working in oil and one great lesson I learned is a couple of fun excercises: 1) when you do shadows, mix the paint with the complimentary color; 2) never use black.

Just a tip...

I agree with Baggage: this one is really good!

DD said...

Good for you and NO Black! Bummer about the blocking of yourself. Weird.

Maybe it's time for YOU to make the move to wordpress?

Rachel said...

Really, really pretty. I love it :).