Monday, October 29, 2007

Turning the corner

After 8 weeks today, the tremors are largely gone. My legs don't bounce big and obnoxiously anymore. For almost two weeks, it's been slowly decreasing to where they now don't bounce enough to really bug me or be very noticable to others. There's still definitely a tremor there and in my hands which does still get worse under stress, but it is no longer debilitating or particularly obvious. I could live with this.

Thank goodness for small miracles. At the very least, the worst of it wasn't permanent.

I still plan to keep my appointments for the CAT scan, EEG, and other tests. Note to self: it's okay to schedule the MRI now, as the tremor shouldn't be bad enough to interfere anymore.

Now I think I will never let a psychiatrist change a med again. I don't want to mess with my delicate dopamine system again. This experience has made me realize that I need to weather my BPD's ups and downs on my own. I can't rely on the pharmacy or a doctor. It is too risky.

Although my complete goal in using prescribed meds was being a responsible patient and taking good care of myself, that philosophy has backfired and I got burned. I learned a difficult lesson. Some side effects really don't go away and I came within a hair's breath of that.


DD said...

I'm glad to see you will still keep the appts, only so you will have some peace of mind and not the "what ifs" that invariably happen to all of us. What's really sad about how people "maintain" their rx regimen is that they don't. They drift along and think that's how it should be.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this news.

And what DD said.

Ron Southern said...

Well, I'm reading. Seems like you're on the good side of your diseases. Hoorah for that! Meanwhile: Paint, ballerina, paint!