Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last call

Tonight's the big night. I host a ceremony at the school for principals, teachers, parents, and kids, the ceremony I had to cancel last month. I also have ordered/coordinated/printed about 3000 (more or less) certificates and medals, created a program, and scripted the entire evening.

I have bronchitis and bark like I have a two pack a day habit, but I sound much worse than I feel. Actually, I have been so loopy for days that I've floated along; it reminded me that I cannot tolerate anything OTC with a cough suppressant. After a week of cumulative effects, I took only a half dose today and I feel so much more focused and less jittery.

In the mean time, I hope I haven't made too many mistakes. This stuff is so delicate. I feel like I can charm my way.

The best thing is that I'm actually excited and happy. I put a lot into this and it'll show.


DD said...

In my head, it always sounds like fun, planning a big event. But once the reality of the work sinks in, I come up with lots of excuses not to and then regret it b/c the next person doesn't seem to do a good job.

I hope you enjoy the event and that everthing goes just smooth enough to make you happy but has enough little fires to keep you challenged.

Kellie said...

Cool! Enjoy yourself - which is easier said than done when your the organizer.

Anonymous said...

Hope the event goes super well. Stories, please!

brite69 said...

Well, since it's now the 12th and all, I hope everything went well!