Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not so good

at nausea.

I guess nobody is and I'm just spoiled to rarely get nauseated.

It began yesterday morning as I prepared for my new job (!) , but I figured it was nerves. Then as I was arriving at his place a little too early, I drove around the block and heaved three or four times. Nerves? Thank goodness I have bags and napkins in the car. I didn't feel that badly, so I proceeded to his place, hoping it wouldn't get worse and that it wouldn't start up on the other end. To be fair, I told him what had happened after he showed me the easy office stuff he wanted me to do, he asked "nerves?" and he offered that I leave, but I chose to stay, because I didn't really feel either bad or nervous. A little while later, the hypoglycemia kicked in, although it didn't hinder me working. I had half a toasted bagel for lunch, the perfect comfort food for me.

He was finished with the concept of organizing by 1, paid me for both Monday and Friday, and that truly felt good. I am saving it separately to put toward my own EEG equipment.

When I got home, I felt nauseated again all afternoon, finally resorting to some Pepto. I was able to eat some, though. Now it's the middle of the night and I am nauseated again. Hey! At least I was already awake before my regular night sweats kicked in!

Last evening, I researched if a thyr*ine overdose involved nausea and vomiting. Nothing is a simple stomach bug with me. Several websites list diarrhea and cramping, but none listed nausea or vomiting. I want to say I'm off the hook for it being Synthr*id, but anything is possible with my body. I've been on 75ug twice a day for a week yesterday; I overdosed on Lev*xyl at 125ug a year and a half ago. That overdose involved lack of sleep (check, progressively worse since Wednesday), tension, anxiety, diarrhea, flightiness which was probably palpitations, and loss of appetite. I don't have the mental angst and I truly want to eat, so I don't think it's an overdose, but I don't trust my body.

Let's see how the weekend goes.


DD said...

Did you have something in your stomach before you felt sick, or was your breakfast the bagel afterwards?

And where's the requisite disclaimer, "...and, no, I'm not pregnant."?

Cricket said...

Goodness! I never thought of immaculate conception! Only you, DD, a Catholic in a 2ww. (Pregnancy is a thought very, very far from my highly infertile mind.)

I had a normal breakfast - dry cinnamon toast from Pepperidge Farm and pineapple coconut yogurt. Regular stuff, regular pills/vitamins never on an empty stomach. Before leaving, so maybe 30 minutes after breakfast, I got the active pre-vomit hiccups, then less that an hour later, I got them again, but they progressed to upchucking repeatedly that time. I tell ya, though, puke smelling of cinnamon ain't half bad. Could have been much worse. (However, of course I could not eat cinnamon toast this morning and hope I haven't scared myself off cinnamon or yogurt for a while.)

I think I can safely rule out nerves. And pregnancy.

I had a different toast (oat, yummy) with peach preserves this morning and took all my pills (not vitamins), muchly because I skipped everything last night.

Donna said...

Nausea is the worst feeling ever, I would rather have any other symptom. I think that's because I feel nauseous a lot, seasick, airsick, carsick, I'm surprised I don't get motion sickness on the back of a horse! I hope you can pinpoint the source and feel better for the weekend. Wonderful garden porn.

Val said...

Aha, comments working?!?
I've had the most irritating low-grade indigestion/nausea (not to the point of vomiting, but at times I'd LIKE to just to get it over with!) since starting the We.llbutrin... Don't know if I'll tough it out or not.

Cricket said...

Donna, I can't imagine having this a lot.

Val, with your life the past few months, I must conclude nerves as well. Just kidding, but you've been thrown a lot.

The nausea ended Saturday afternoon, never progressed down the pipe. I hope my son didn't pick it up, especially with field day being tomorrow.

Val said...

Ha, ha, "nerves" -- moi?
My nerves are made of steel, it's my STOMACH that's shot!
[Seriously though, good point!]

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are not a couple ms.pregnant?