Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bloody balance

I went to the hospital this morning for the blood draw. By the time I made it there, I'd been fasting a good 15 hours. This can make me a bit cranky, but I fought it hard.

This place makes you fully register as if you were checking in, even if it's just to get bloodwork. This time, checking in included an arm band even, which she said is in case you fall out during or after the blood draw, so they know they have you on file already when they wisk you off to the ER.

I'll branch off here and come back. First off, if you're having a blood draw, each person has a page of stickers with all pertinent information right there with them. (I don't see how they could possibly use all those stickers on, say, three vials.) It is obvious you're checked in. How hard would it be to grab the verification instead of wasting more fancy armband paper? Second, the phlebotomist offered to cut off my wrist tag as soon as she'd done the draws. It seems to me that many draw-related fainting spells would be as a person is getting up and walking. Cutting it off before the patient is preparing to leave, to me, negates completely the entire reason for the wrist bands.

I am too Libertarian, private, anti-rules, pissy for my own good. I abhor The Man.

Okay, to before my branch... as she was entering my data, I realize that the script was written for fasting glucose and A1c "for high triglycerides." I'd assumed that it included triglycerides, but realized that was written on there as the diagnosis for insurance reasons, not as a request. I asked her about it and she wasn't sure, so went to her supervisor. Amazingly, she came back and said they would include triglycerides. I am so happy to be getting a true fasting number, which should be much more accurate.

I could learn some results as early as tomorrow, other as late as Tuesday. I expect another letter from my doctor probably by next Friday.

I am at the part of my Curves training that I don't need an appointment for a few sessions. I'm going back in a bit after 4, as I have to pick up J from his after school science program at 5. I truly dislike the schedules for the two women's gym's I've attended: closing between 1-4 or so. This one doesn't even open until 9am and it is only open until 8pm.

But I'm just bitching. Need to get out of this funk. Good blood numbers would help, but Lyd and I had a hard weekend (which I don't know if I should try to describe), then the shit storm hit, so I am off-balance.

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Anonymous said...

I have had my own personal medical drama with Renee of late. All of these terminologies begin to confuse me after while.

Good luck to you.