Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Handle it?

With good warning from a valued commenter here, I entered this Curves thing knowing that I am probably ideologically opposite the corporate stance. I figured I could handle it for a couple reasons.
  1. I figured corporate image would not be too prevalent amongst the machines.
  2. I figured that it is the only gym nearby that I can join. The other gym is a muscle gym and I already paid them a two year plan and only used a month.
  3. I figured I'd get enough out of it to counter any disparity in philosophies.
  4. I figured being involved in a fitness study would be excellent motivation.

It took everything I had to go there this evening. My commitment to the study made the difference in me going. The latest you can show up and do the whole trek is 7:15 and I arrived at 7:13.

The nice part was that it took me less than 30 minutes, when usually it takes about 45. I have no idea where I got the time back, as everything is fairly regimented.

The strange part was when I was left considering #3 above. They play stupid techno music and I had no idea the variety of songs made techno. The other day, I heard show tunes made techno. Imagine Annie to a huge beat. Tonight, it was techno religious tunage. The chorus contained "revival" and other rhymes were "salvation" and "Revelation." It was almost closing time and I didn't realize the song until I was at the cool down jungle gym, but next time I will request a change.

The funny part was being quite gassy and stinky. I was glad nobody was following closely behind me on the machine circuit or I'd have left them praying for mercy.


Anonymous said...

I think that annoying music was the reason I only made it two and a half months there.

Huh, I didn't even think to ask them to change it. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I have my iPod and it helps a lot...I cannot handle the canned stuff they play at the gym.

Stinky and gassy do occur, so nice of you to be so blunt about, really. I was under the impression that women do not get gassy.

Cricket said...

Not, I think they'd only change it from one techno music to another, but I actually enjoyed the 80s Rock techno the other day, comparitively anyway.

E-e, you have been enlightened. Women are as stinky as men. I don't think an MP3 player would work. I inquired about it the first time I was there, because of the blaring music. They said things in the ears aren't allowed, things like a blue tooth or something.

Although they didn't mention it, I could see where cords would/should not be allowed. You have to get on and off 14 machines and use them each very quickly in about 30 seconds. It's hard/awkward enough getting clothing and limbs situtated, much less a wire.