Thursday, May 08, 2008


Hopefully I can get the vid right this time. It's about two minutes long, but the first part gives plenty of the flavor. I love how their director gets into it. She can boogie. She is tough, but the kids love her. J's under the far left swag. I pause there as if...

Tuesday night, they performed for the parents. Today they perform for the school. There are so many kids, it'll be in three segments. J's gonna hate that much repetition. I was a bad mom and forgot he needed his concert attire for school today, too. He remembered late and shoved it in his backpack as he was running out to catch the bus. He'll change before they start. I am so glad I don't have to see those wrinkles! And that he's in the back row!


Monica Cassani said...

wow! I'm totally impressed!
that's great!

Anonymous said...

Good job, they sound good for a group of children. That conductor is really into it...I am tired just watching.

Now that I know they are all tucked in I feel much better. I figure I had to tuck in and still do, so should they.