Friday, May 30, 2008


I was just reading an "Isn't it irritating when..." thread and realized how irritating these people are.

One guy blasted parents whose baby cries in the restaurant. Did he think they pinched the baby so they would spoil their only dinner out in four months? I understand blasting people who bring children to late night adult movies, but dinner at Applebees (or the like) is fair game.

Same guy blasted the coupon user who dared to take his precious time as they tried to save a buck on groceries. Yes, this is the Young Republican from the other day. He thinks that nobody should try to save money because everybody has so much already in their perfect, non-diseased, appropriately reproductive hetero lives.

Youth is wasted on the young. What's he in such a hurry for? He has no wife or kids.

Another lamented a guy paying for convenience store food with change. Huh? This guy probably just got foreclosed out of his home and collected the change from the gutters.

I can't handle all the old people whiners, eithers.

It's cashism, ageism, babyism, you name it.

People are so busy with nothing. Take a little time to be nice to each other and stop with all the judging. We really are all in the same boat; nobody is better. What goes around, comes around. You, too, Young Republican, will be wearing diapers again one day.

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Anonymous said...

We have those in our paper as well. "Monday Moaning" is the name of it here. I do enjoy reading them and trying to figure out the demographic group that sent each little complaint. Try it, it's fun.