Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have birthday, must post

First, here's a little tribute for a newly 37yo amazingly well-rounded metal head observer of life, Evil-E.

Second, DD welcomed a daughter into the world by planned c-section yesterday. They traversed quite an obstacle course to arrive at this bundle of joy and I can only say that I am jealous as hell thrilled for their addition.


NoRegrets said...

Great comic!

Anonymous said...

That is tremendous....I would have checked it earlier from work, but photos do not come up very quickly on my machine. It was well worth the wait and a very fitting tribute to me. That is how I roll

Ron Southern said...

Dear Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: What was that you said? Oh, yeah! May a pair of sweet girl puppies named Sugar and Spice lick you to--uh, oblivion!

from The Walrus

DD said...

Thanks, Woman.

Isn't that how we ALL roll, Motherfucker?!