Friday, July 11, 2008

Speaking up, or not

When J left with his step mother this evening, I had to tell her that J should be coming back at 5 on Sundays instead of Monday mornings. I told her that ex had written me some very inappropriate, critical, and dismissive stuff, plus he'd blown off concerns about J.

She said what anyone would say - the written word can be flat and misunderstood, that I should respond, "I heard this. Is this what you meant?" To her response, I could immediately quote the end of his message, which said he knew I would be mad, but that wasn't his intention. I told her that nobody can send a message like that and truly expect sugarcoating at the end to make it all better.

It seems she is finally realizing that she has a different husband that I had and stated the same happened with her ex-husband. Mine was an asshole, who said nasty things to me and I was not allowed a rebuttal. She shook her head so many times, saying she would never allow not having a voice. With him, I was cut off at the knees, not allowed to respond when he spouted off about politics or anything else, as my response would be construed as challenging him.

So, I bit my tongue with him. I have crafted a long response, but I don't know if I can send it. It makes me cry, but he still has me trained that I am not allowed to speak up.

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Ron Southern said...

I suppose you could have moved to Australian or Texas with no forwarding address! Whether you should have, I don't know. Anyway, it's not as if Texas or Australia wouldn't have men like that!

Maybe if women in America would murder at leasst a hundred oppressive men a day, things would get better, or at least better defined!