Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Refreshed

Today's word is refreshed and I don't even use it!

Just the sound of a waterfall can refresh.

This little fish was quite happy for its refreshing return to the creek.

The breeze from a good flogging is actually quite refreshing.
Shade from a pretty flowered umbrella serves a most refreshing purpose.


Tara said...

That first photo of the fountain looks very refreshing!

Tag! You're it! :)

Cricket said...

The first is from the exterior of the Am Indian Mus.

Yippee! I've wanted to use a particular word for a while: local. Have at it!

Anonymous said...

you insunordinate...

Good job. I knew you linked me even though the post was not up yet. Unfortunately, it is now Sunday morning and I am late as always.

AlienCG said...

Good pictures. I would know about the breeze from a flogging.

laura b. said...

As always, great shots. I have to laugh thinking of the breeze from a flogging :-)
Local! That is intriguing! I will really have to give that some thought.

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