Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Take 2

This is my third post for today. Go read the others for a new chapter.

Today was odd. It began last evening with Norma saying her son would rather go to work with her in the afternoons than come home with us.

Yesterday was awkward. J was Mr. Obnoxious in the car coming back at lunch. I turned up the radio loud to tune him out. Then we went to the PO and I took us out for pizza. Then her son went home, maybe 3pm.

She called last night for the first time since the 2 minutes/she left him snafu from last Thursday. She wanted to walk. I told that J had had a hard day and we would be watching the end of a movie instead. She included the bit about her son wanting to spend the afternoons at her work; she figured it was to watch the Disney Channel. She said maybe she'd write a note about her son and what he'd be doing today at lunch and give it to J for me at pick up time.

This morning, J went down there to ride like usual. When I picked him up at lunch, Norma's son was already gone. I asked and he said that Norma told him that her son would not be riding home with us any more. Her son doesn't want to.

Hmm, seems like it would have been appropriate to beg off to J for the day, then for her to offer additional insight to me. That was a strange thing to heap on a 10yo.

I don't know if her son is upset at J for being obnoxious in the car yesterday. Or is he mad at me for wanting to take the last slice of pizza home - 8 slices: 2 me, 2 J, 3 him, 1 left over, me paying, my extra slice.

Not to mess with his delicate preteen sensitivities, but I have no fucking idea what is going on, except to say it probably isn't appropriate to send J to camp in the mornings with Norma and her son, so I have now fallen into an additional 2 hour rush hour drive, combined with the 1 hour I was already putting in at lunch.

Honestly, I do not care to find out about them. Too much trouble.


Aunt Becky said...

Jeez. What is UP with that, Cricket?

Anonymous said...

I am glad I don't have kids....too many decisions