Sunday, July 06, 2008

Part 5, Backwards

My ex-husband is a royal ass and all niceties are off; he thinks our son should get over any potential depression, as it is kind of common and expected. He dared to say that there are some people over there for five years and we have experienced nothing, that J should learn what it means to have a job and be patriotic. What the fuck are they feeding him?

Norma is a passive-aggressive bitch who dared to make me out to be the bad guy in something of her instigating. She wrote that she was sorry I got upset for her being two minutes late. Ha! What about putting some spin on it, won't cha Norma!

She's been taking the boys to camp since July 1 and I pick them up. This week, her son is in a scout camp, so she's just been taking J. This morning, he got back from ex's visitation and went toward Norma's a little early. I figured Norma might like an early start. Well, J saw her driving away, so we assumed she forgot him. I called her cell, but it has changed and I don't have the new. So I hurriedly dressed and dashed out the door only to see Norma returning. She said she went to get gas. She said she never expected him early. I said she could have called and she replied she didn't want to disturb my sleep by calling so early. I said I do get up to get him out the door and I would prefer a call to a mad dash.

So she boiled it down that I was angry she was two minutes late. I didn't see her as two minutes late; I saw her as gone. I boil it down that I cannot read her mind and had no idea she was coming back. I've now asked for her cell number a couple times, but she has not sent it. I find the whole situation absolutely ridiculous.

So I was in a little funk and then shit started piling up. I am not in a good place.


Anonymous said...

sometimes I hate friendships with women and I really hate relying on others for assistance, I think it's the thing that bugs me most about being a single parent.
And EX is a dick and prolly under pressure over there. It must be so hard for all kids and wives and ex wives.
And you are not alone here but I know it feels that way.

Shinny said...

I hope things start to look up with the weekend coming. Nice weather and maybe some painting?

As for the ex, he is an ass if he just expect his son to "get over it". Apparently "dear daddy" has gotten over missing his son and assumes everyone is on the same track as he is.

At least J has you to be there for him and love him.

Take care and sorry I don't comment more, I usually feel I have nothing worthwhile to share so I just read and send my thought your way. I will try harder to blather on if you want me to. ;)

Aunt Becky said...

I'm with lala. She said it better than I could.


I'm sorry things are so hard.

Val said...

Sorry, I have been out-of-town on my annual pilgrimage to NM...
I have a few hurdles to jump over w/MY ex in straightening out the remaining summer visitation, so I feel for ya!
[we absolutely are listening]

Val said...

Ahem, that means I haven't cowboy'd up & called him yet, but I plan on doing that tonight...

brite69 said...

Ugh. That's why I have more guy friends than I do girlfriends. You never know what's gonna set them off. I'd have figured she was gone, too, and I don't understand why she has such a hard time seeing that. I'm sure if roles were reversed, she'd have come to the same conclusion.

And, since I read top to bottom, you could always pawn the new TV for gas money. Heh. It must get pretty damned expensive having to buy presents for people all the time cuzz he can't figure out what an asshole he is.

I hope you can pull through this funk quickly.