Friday, September 19, 2008

Atmospheric display

Today the clouds were putting on a show. I was driving home from the store and was motivated to hurry and paint before J got home from school. I had to do pastels, because oils take so long to set up and paint, and I don't usually do skies in pastel. This was fun, though. I want to try it again with big, muddled up clouds. Wish you could see it from across the room, because it glows and has such depth. Squint your eyes at it to get a similar effect.

I can see where I was motivated by the painting I liked at the museum this summer - same swatch of ground glowing under a busy sky.

After I paint, I often think to myself that this piece would not be here if I didn't create it today. I like that feeling of catching something transient.
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Churlita said...

That's gorgeous. I love how 3-D it is.