Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Red

Tara chose red as the word of the day.

Ha! I look good in red, just like I look good in blue! What a wonky smile! hehe

When I get this face, I see red. Oh yeah, he has red hair. Is there a relationship?

The festival last weekend was so colorful and beautiful. In this shot, the red flag matches the origin of the dancers. The fan dance they did was about a fairy.

Enjoy your red-inspired day - nice, warm fuzzies, not blinding anger, that is.


laura b. said...

Some people are obviously lucky enough to look good in everything! I'm not one of them, thats for sure.
I have a redhead too, whom I forgot to put in the post, darn it! And the tempers on them, geez.

Tara said...

You DO look good in red, and I like the smile!

And your son is a perfect example of red.

k_sra said...

great shots! I like the little red-head giving you the eye! :P

Churlita said...

You definitely look good in red. I love the redhead giving you the stinkeye shot too.