Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm a ding bat sometimes

I began on meds for ADD yesterday.

I felt absolutely nothing different physically or mentally, except to say I spent the entire day devoted to one task and I have an incredible new art blog to show for it! I put together about two dozen entries, researched and backdated them, wrote little stories about them, plus created a sidebar with links, bio, etc.


I still have more paintings to feature, but they'll require some photography.

Perhaps one day, I'll feel confident enough to let my blogging worlds overlap. My blog used to be so much racier and full of drama, to where it mattered if people I knew/loved read it. As it is, I guess I'd rather not reveal lifestyle changes to those who don't need to know.

In the mean time, I will be ditzy, you know, one of those ADD symptoms, and be signed in over on that account and comment on your blog, because you know how I love you.

Do me a few favors:
  1. Delete my errant comment from your blog completely.
  2. Feel free to visit and stroll through the art and stories.
  3. Comment, as long as you do it without the clicky stuff leading to your blog, where I've probably commented and am on your blogroll. Go anon and then sign your name. Or something.
  4. Feed my paranoia and compartmentalized life.
  5. Don't stalk me.
Thank you very much for your kind consideration.


Val said...

I DON'T THINK YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE... Seems like an AWFULLY long time since you've left me a comment!?! ;-)
Where's da link??

Monica Cassani said...

yeah we need a link...and I feel neglected as well!

Cricket said...

Val and Gianna,
You know I love you!

Val, you haven't posted much lately or the dinginess is morphing into new areas.

Gianna, I have over a dozen of your posts saved up in Bloglines - you're prolific and I need to keep up better.

Point taken, you both.

Aunt Becky said...

I require a linky-poo too.

Churlita said...

It does get tricky. Because my siblings read my blog, I have to leave out the funnest (read: dirtiest) stories. And I'm still scared that my extended family or co-workers will find it.

Churlita said...

Oh, and I forgot. Here is my anonymous email address I use for the internets: churlita@mchsi.com. Link, please.

Anonymous said...

Nobody of real-life consequence reads my blog. I keep my separate selves away from each other.

Tara said...

Where's the link to your art blog? I wanna see more of your work. You rock.

brite69 said...

Dude, I'm so stalking you. :-P