Monday, September 01, 2008

Skink stink

For mothers, toileting is not sacred. Even almost 11 years into this gig, it seems that the bathroom is the place to meet.

(Feed readers, click for video.)

After the maniacal laugh, the next words out of his mouth were, "Hey! Get up and we'll see if it can swim!"

So we did and it wiggled even faster in the cold water as it sunk to the bottom like a, um, never mind.


Well-heeled mom said...

Oh jeez. Yuck. Boys are fascinated by the oddest things.

Cricket said...

His mom's a biologist, so he absolutely comes by it honestly. When my sister cut off the end of her finger and my parents were freaking out with her in the kitchen bleeding over the sink, I was the one who went to the front door, coincidentally, to fetch the end to put on ice for the hospital.

Not to change subjects or anything, but anybody else notice how Southern I sound? It's how I hear my sister talk, not myself. Same way as when I "sang" karaoke the other night. I sounded like I belonged singing Country music, out of tune or not.