Saturday, April 14, 2007

1,3,4 - it's all the same, right?

Miss Sad!e liked being Queen Cat. I respected that.

However, we are in for a population growth spurt now.

Last week, I interviewed by email for two cats who need a new home. They are confined to the tiny apt bedroom of a college student. She wants them to be able to stretch out and to get more attention. She is giving them away through a rescue organization, but it does not entail rescue fees. Just a little donation to the rescue people for advertising.

The owner is out of town this weekend or we'd have seen them already. I believe we'll meet on Tuesday evening.

In the meantime, I found a cat who needs a home soon - a home with small children and a mom who sounds overwhelmed in general. We were going to meet him this afternoon, but their baby had a fever and needed to go to the ER. Maybe tomorrow.

All these cats have their shots and are fixed. The first two are even declawed, something I wouldn't do, but I won't hold it against them either.

Memphie seems very lonely when I leave, is extra skiddish when I return. I think having some companions would help. I'm not gone for long stretches often. It's usually just a few hours at a time, but I will go to Ted's for over 24 hours every other weekend, plus overnight on Wednesdays. It takes Memphie much longer to warm up after that.

He seems to relish being the center of attention. Will definitely try to keep that up. He's blossomed and I know additional cats will feel like a setback initially. I think he'll come around. They're all supposed to be friendly, affectionate cats.

And they all deserve to feel special.

The Infertile Cat Lady

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