Thursday, April 12, 2007

If I were in a normal relationship

and a decade younger, I'd wonder if I were pregnant. I don't have to worry about that now, but I usually would have started Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. It's Thursday night and nothing's in sight. Odd.

I would call this a success, however. The bcps I took Dec-Mar made me cranky for two weeks each month and overly weepy. This new kind delivered neither, but I was overly tired last week and expected a doozy of a period, not a non-entity. I guess it's all a matter of things settling in, but I am so glad this version doesn't play with my head.

The night sweats weren't menopause and they have kinda sorta stayed constant at several times a week, with one or two weekly being severe enough to drench the bed. Because I was changing the bcps, I wanted to only change one variable and kept my thyroxine dosage about the same - 112ug and 125ug each about half the time. If the night sweats are thyroxine overdose, when I move down to just 112ug next week, I'll be able to tell. Or I'll get cold and know I need more thyroxine. I want a higher dosage so I'll begin losing weight again.

On the fish front, Janie Betta is hanging in there. Today she had better use of her fins, although her tail isn't helping much as she swims. I did see some effort and movement, though, so I think this antibiotic is working. I'll give her a couple more days on the higher dosage. All through this, her appetite hung in there, but the last few days it as fallen even as her strength has increased. I'm not worried just yet.

We may be adopting two more cats who need a home. This pair is being given away by their owner and we're being interviewed via email. I think J and I will meet them this weekend.

Please let my life continue to be this boring.


Cricket said...

Woke up with the first inking of it. All it takes is writing about it.

The power of blogging.

brite69 said...

AH! 2 more kitties! You're turning into the crazy cat lady like I am. :-P (I want more, but 3 cats in the small space I have is all my family seems to be able to take at the moment)

Cricket said...

I used to keep a regular stable of 5, had as many as 10 at once. Moving here to an apt made me find homes for the others.

Sad!e was a very jealous queen. She did not like competition and after we moved here I could respect that. After she was ill, it would have been too much stress, although I did think of getting another cat a while back to make her impending death easier.

I wanted one more at least. I've never had a pile of cats - all mine always took separate corners of the bed and never the twain shall meet. So these two I'm considering like each other and the female really likes cats, plus the owner is takiing only a $50 donation to a rescue organization for the both of them. Pretty good deal for vetted cats.

I just got an email from her and we'll probably meet them on Tuesday evening. She lives in an apt with room mates, things haven't worked with the resident dog, and the cats are stuck in her room 24/7.

DD said...

When you say decade like that, it makes it sound like a lifetime.


Cricket said...

I assure you, it feels like a lifetime.

Between Sad!e being gone and no additional children on my horizon, I am substituting with cats.

I will be the crazy cat lady, brite.