Monday, April 30, 2007

Wildlife near home

We have a large creek and foot path near our home. The sounds of the trickling water is breathtaking, very much like the cue for Alpha waves. (Heck, I go into the grocery store anymore and get the cue for Alpha waves, because trickling water is the background noise for the produce section.)
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When we came upon this tree the other day, J immediately commented about the raccoons being busy. He's a better naturalist than I already. These grabby little paw prints make you want to shake their talented little destructive hands. Must be good eats.
Bluebells flourish in the naturalized areas under the trees. The blue carpet goes on and on along the path.
I feared with the wind and cold a bit ago that I'd missed the Dogwood blooms, so I was seeking them in particular. Seeing the few I did on our walk made up for the weather. Growing up in the South, I was so accustomed to them growing wild hither and yon. I remember my grandmother's yard with dozens in her wooded back yard. Now, I appreciate the ones I do see, particularly the wild ones scattered under the trees.


DD said...

I hope you were referring to the bark being good eats and not the raccoons...cause I can assure you, they are not.

Cricket said...

Actually I was referring to the probable insects under the bark as being food eats.

I don't usually make it a practice of eating rodents. Is that a Nebraska thing? heh

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I wouldn't like to try and walk across that river!