Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nectar near home

Wisteria is perhaps my favorite flower. It is intoxicating.
(click any to enlarge)
Raised in the South, I always marveled at the free-growing version of wisteria, like above. It was essentially considered a weed, but wisteria beat kudzu hands down! Lavender blossoms with deep purple accents would drown wooded patches along the rural highways.

I remember about 15 years ago seeing my first wisteria bush in someone's yard. I thought "Hurrah for wisteria" with its new status as a desired plant. Only since then have I seen beautiful arbors and pergolas of it. Cultivation also brought the white variety; in fact, the cultivated purple is different and darker than the wild. However, its smell is as sweet as honeysuckle and it makes bumble bees quite happy.


Thalia said...

I love wisteria, too, and have planted it in every garden I've had. But this is a truly magnificent system.

brite69 said...

That is GORGEOUS! I don't think I've ever come across wisteria before. Looks like I need to find some.

Donna said...

The wisteria here is just coming into bloom here, along with the lilacs. I love them both. I'm glad you are seeing so much progress from your treatments.