Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RIP Janie

Janie died in the wee hours this morning.

She had started to paddle with a lisp yesterday morning. I noticed last night that the skin behind her head was beginning to blanch and figured the end was near.

Janie was a tough little fish, lasting over two weeks on antibiotics and almost daily water changes.

Yesterday when we took Memphie of The Enduring Ear Mites to the vet, we wandered around the store. I'd decided to get an additional antibiotic and an anti-parasite med for Janie. I got to talk to the fish manager for a long time, but he couldn't figure out her ailments. He said that tetracycline is the strongest stuff they had, so he was sure that it wasn't an underlying bacterial infection anymore. I agreed, even though the bacteria came back the second day each time I changed the water. We looked through two books on bettas, but they were woeful on pictures of the diseases. I had gone there to work on parasites, but the store had nary a one parasite medicine for the water. They had one food, but I knew that wouldn't help a lot, given she had not eaten in several days. So I bought a sulfa antibiotic, but I didn't get a chance to mix it up.

The good news is that the fish manager said I could bring back all the products I'd tried and get a full refund.

J was quite upset upon rising to learn his fish had died. In the last few fish hospital weeks, he'd taken almost no interest and he didn't routinely feed her before that. Nonetheless, he did feel bad when she died. We gave her a commode funeral. Afterwards, I told him that I was grateful he didn't request that Janie be taxidermied and mounted.

Coincidentally, we will lose and gain a pet on the same day. This afternoon, we meet the cat that needs a new home. The owner has two tiny kids and wants a break. Spenc.er is about a year old and he was a rescue for her. Reportedly, he's very affectionate and cuddly.

I hope he doesn't get ear mites, too.

However, Janie Fish Stew is no longer a concern in the Cricketson feline world. RIP sweet, friendly, tough, affectionate little fish. Janie, you touched us in your mere 3.5 months with us.


Well-heeled mom said...

I'm sorry! You certainly did more than most would have to save her life.

DD said...

Well, crap. Sorry to hear about Janie, but glad another errant kitty found a home.

Regarding your prior post. Today I am so grateful that my son is only 5. I'm just not dealing well with serious subjects right now.