Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Independant, neither D nor R

I wrote the following random email to Richard, my dear friend who is a university employee and U-S-A To-day is saying a lot of schools are feeling squirrely...

I know it's not the prevailing theme, but I don't think the whole, open campus should have been locked down after what seemed like a domestic shooting.

Just like after the first plane hit the tower, nobody could know a second would come or that the buildings would fall.

I hate when people have the benefit of hindsight and think they know everything.

Ted and I had a fight about it last night and he crazily accused me of falling under Bush's spell. Huh?

[He's begun to think almost all news that isn't war news is planted, trumped up as a diversion by this administration. He thinks they'll ride this diversion a long time. He compares these student's parents to those of soldiers who finally rose up with a voice years after the fact, him hoping that the students'/professors' families will be heard.]

Ex called to tell me about the initial reports yesterday. His impression was that the world would think us weak, dozens of people too chicken to take out a single gunman. He [lifetime NRA member who bought the same for his son and step son last Xmas] thinks there should have been 30 guns fired in return. I think I'd have thrown a heavy book or something at least.

Only hours later and completely unsolicited, Ted ranted at how violent the world would think us. How the students were all sitting ducks.

Although I am not Republican, I am leaning that way here:
  • Isolated incident
  • Don't blame the people in charge
  • Fight back
[Edited out something too specific from the email...] Speaking of P, I want to forward him some related news piece and say, "See what happens when you cheat."But I'll keep that threat here.


Anonymous said...

I agree. And if you ever have been to VT, then you know that shutting down the campus is A LOT easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

I think the police did absolutely the right thing. And for people who say the police should have shut campus down - how? A campus 4x the size of Central Park? Over 100 buildings? Would a panic have occurred? Where would people have gone that would have been safe? Who could have guessed the gunman could have gone to another building to kill more?

For what it's worth, from what he wrote (rich kids, debauchery, etc), I think the reason he killed the girl and the RA was because he saw her boyfriend leave her room that morning - a convenient trigger, and a way to 'punish' her for her sluttish ways. I'm surprised he didn't go for the boyfriend as well.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I could have written that on my own blog, eh? Maybe tomorrow.

Cricket said...

That's what I kept asking Ted. Where would they lock down the students to? Dorms? The very place they'd had a significant incident?

I finally talked to Richard this afternoon and he said universities are stunned everywhere. The place he worked had a shooting a few weeks ago and the police/admin focus had been on that event, not on shutting down the very large campus. Makes sense.

Well-heeled mom said...

The whole thing just makes me sick. The one place you hope your children will be safe is in school, and then some whacked out student opens fire because he's jealous. Good Lord.