Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Under the head of the bed, meet fighting, growling, whining, hissing, tough guy Spenc-er.

His pretty face doesn't cover for his spunk.

Under the foot of the bed, meet the clowns.

They'll all be friends before we know it. Memphie, who rebels at having his picture taken, is very curious, sniffed the new guy, didn't get a warm reception either time, so will try again later.


Klynn said...

Such beautiful kitties. May I say, again, how jealous I am? Why did I have to marry someone with severe allergies to cats? Oh, yeah, right...I fell in love with the bum. *sigh*

Cricket said...

Shhhh, I'm highly allergic, too, but that's what inhaler overdoses are for!

Ex remarked on the phone this week that he could not believe I was getting more of what could make me physically miserable.

I've had bllod and skin allergy tests done. My whole life, I would have said I'm more allergic to dogs, as that's what I REALLY react to, but testing shows that I'm allergic to dogs and cats the same. Cats just don't make me as miserable as dogs. I think that has to do in part with dogs and dirt/pollen/outdoors.

DD said...

I remember bringing home an 8 week old kitty and introducing him to our 5 year old. I was afraid the elder would eat the kitty!

Once they realize how comfy it is to lay together in the sun...ah, paradise.

Well-heeled mom said...

That new cat is beautiful!

Shinny said...

All your babies are adorable, even the unmatching red head. ;) You know I think he is pretty cool though.
I really wanted to adopt another dog to go with the one dog, 3 cats, one teenager and one husband zoo of mine but that didn't work out.
I hope that Spenc*r settles in and that him and Memphie don't tear around the house in the middle of the night pretending they are Nasc*r cars. ;)