Thursday, April 19, 2007

Come a long way fast

Spenc-er likes the people in this house.

We make him purrfectly happy.

He likes his belly rubbed and is a champion kneader. He is our downstairs cat.

Lovely Memphie patiently awaits Spenc-er's decision to like him, too. He's now our upstairs cat, except when Spenc-er is feeling especially frisky and, frankly, aggressive, coming upstairs. Spenc-er isn't too keen on a kitty big brother just yet. It's evolved to Memphie keeping his distance over the whole thing. It will get better, I repeat.
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Val said...

21 days on average for adult kitties to form their social alliances...Be patient!

Cricket said...

Val, very good info to know.

Mostly, YOU WERE ABLE TO COMMENT! Did you do anything different?

Anonymous said...

I love tuxedo cats. They are so lovable and loyal.
Hope all goes well there!

Just Me said...

the black and white kitty looks just like my Ricky did, he will be a good kitty
Thank you for your comments. N and her girlfriend brought over a kitten tonight. I don't know if I'm ready but here we go again.
I'm sorry you lost your girl