Thursday, July 12, 2007

All's well

The doctor yesterday didn't see anything wrong with my eyes. However, last evening, I showed Norma and she freaked out. Literally. She didn't think the doctor knew what he was doing. However, my labs came back this morning and the doctor called to say that every single thing, from liver to kidney to blood counts to glucose, were all fine. My thyroid is on the low side of normal, which is higher than last time and these numbers are completely meaningless anyway, but all is fine.

I bought some aspirin today. My neck is creaky and my right abdomen hurts, all the usual pain I cannot ignore, as I try to stay away from Advil.

The best news about the office visit yesterday was him having samples of Seroquel again, a psych drug which psychiatrists cannot get samples for, yet this GP always has a slew. He gave me a box that I'll have to cut the tablets (challenging to cut a long 300mg capsule into 25mg bits, so I had to settle for closer to 50 on that pill; other pills in the same variety pack were 50-200 and easier to cut evenly), but this box will last over four months. That saves me hundreds. I'll have to invent some other medical emergency around Thanksgiving to get more free samples.

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