Thursday, July 05, 2007

Um, yeah

July 1 is my father's birthday, but I mostly associate it with new goodies handed down from the politicians, one of which I saw in a parade recently. I think I will put that innocuous cushy little football he handed out into my blender. He's raising $200 million/year off of the residents' backs.

Read more about this year's buffet and how I hope not to go broke merely by being a [mostly law abiding and generally do gooder of a] resident. Remember, non-residents who drive right by my house doing the same things in traffic are exempt from the civil penalties, etc.

Hmmmm. Non-resident? What an iinteresting concept!

I also understand they tripled fees having to do with home ownership as well as vehicle inspection and emission charges. I can't investigate further or I will cry without the luxury of spilt milk.

This sure makes a move to FL even more attractive.

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