Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Virtual World Tour

Per The Impatient Patient and fellow blogging homies...

This represents the last few weeks of our lives.

J in swimming lessons

Butterfly Garden Flora

Memph: Super Vampire Cat

Cabin Swing Stealing While Camping

Our Little Campsite

Moon Bouncing for the 4th

Bushes I Painted Because I Knew a Subdivision Would Be Going In: Little Did I Know It Would Be Only Two Days Later

View To The Top

Spence: Super Dryer Cat


M said...

What a great spot! Love your pics....

Shinny said...

My idiot cats go in the dryer too, even if it isn't warm, if the door is open, they must enter. I see where the saying, "Curiousity killed the cat" came from, I am actually surprised any of mine are still alive they are so stupid. ;) Love your pictures and your boy.

brite69 said...

AH! Super Dryer Cat! My littlest cat keeps wanting to go into the dryer, but she hasn't made it in yet. If she ever does, I hope Greg's paying attention! o_O

J looks like he was having a blast!