Friday, July 06, 2007

The great outdoors

We'd planned to begin camping yesterday, but I was able to bump back the reservation a day so we wouldn't have to camp in the 60% thunderstorm which never came through. So, out we'll go today. In the past, we've camped for one night many times, which means no cooking was involved and I didn't have to worry about filling the day. This trip will be very different.

Of course, I haven't prepared in the least, but that's nothing a grocery store visit won't tackle. (That defaults to the idea that I am forgetting a lot of non-grocery items and other issues.)

We'll be putting up my new craft show canopy as a dining tent and J will get scouting credit for using a knot on a guy line. He'll also get scouting credit for jumping in the pool over his head and swimming, etc. This foray will be good for his new Weeblos requirements, which are quite numerous. I have all these little papers of instructions for knocking out these things.

Cooking... well, don't sandwiches make a great picnic, thus elevating camping to picnicamping? Per a scout requirement, we need a fire, so we'll cook s'mores. That counts, right? Maybe I'll get some corn to cook in the fire and charcoal to cook us steaks on the grill.

I feel myself getting carried away in a good way. Swimming and food. With some painting hopefully, too.

Oh, yeah. New idea! I'm going to get him to perform! My shy little boy! I recently got speakers for the MP3 player. I've also recently downloaded some nature sounds MP3s. I'm going to make J enact whale calls from the deep and bird squawks from the rainforest. I may save acting out breezy wind chimes for myself.

Have a great weekend.


Well-heeled mom said...

I love camping! Have a great time!

DD said...

I would fail to remember such things as groceries. However, I would be buying by the gross, wet wipes. As long as I'm relatively clean, who cares how hungry I am?

DD said...

OH! And have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I could camp everyday! Have a great trip, and we can't wait for the details.

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Cricket said...

Yes, wipes. Thanks.

Also the Clorox version, too.

We have a bath house nearby, plus we'll swim daily. Our reservation for this particular spot was made with the restroom in mind. My bladder isn't what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

I always go the route of steak and corn on the fire!

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