Monday, July 23, 2007

RR Tracks

J got his braces on Thursday. It went very smoothly. Afterwards, we went for Mexican and you can see evidence of corn chips in his new tracks.

He chose black and red alternating rubber band decorations. His head gear coordinates as well with its checkered flags and it hasn't been too much of a fight since.

Within 24 hours, I could see a major difference. Now after four days, I have a strong inkling of how beautiful his smile will be. It is so quick, I can't imagine what will take a year!

Money well spent.


Well-heeled mom said...

That is so great.

For me, the smile is the first thing I notice about a person. I would do whatever I had to do in order for my son to have a perfect smile. I'm glad for your son.

DD said...

I hope you plan on taking pictures of him monthly just to show him when it gets to be too much.

Plus, I would love to see the transformation.

Cricket said...

Heck, DD. I'll do an update at one week! It is amazing.