Monday, July 02, 2007


The appraiser was fifteen minutes early. Only the motivated do business at 7:45 on a Sunday.

Remember, my house stays a wreck, a symptom of ADHD. I had no choice, but I wouldn't have let him in unless he was bearing the gift of a step toward refi. As it turns out, the loan officer is out of town until the 5th, at which time J and I head of camping for two days, so I don't expect too much to get done for the next week.

True to my goal of EEG helping me have a cleaner house, I was actually able to get some stuff done. That's major progress and a boost to my morale.

I spent time on and off making jewelry. Have now made several bracelets and probably 20 pairs of earrings, too many of each I want to keep. How that? Entering a craft show, but wanting to keep bunches of the goods for myself?

The first craft show I'm doing is in less that two weeks; if I am juried in, the second is in about three months and I'd like to find one in between. I practiced yesterday putting up the $22 canopy from R.ite Aid. It is less than sturdy, but that lightness makes it haulable and put-up-able by me alone. It will work. Just hope it isn't a breezy day.

In the evening went walking with Norma. She and her son went for more, but I came home because of my extreme exhaustion lately - had not walked in two weeks. Passed a house in my neighborhood at which the people had put to the curb a long cloth bag plus contents. I figured if nothing else the bag would be perfect for the new canopy, but I found inside a used but nice large patio umbrella. I'll still use the bag for the canopy because of all the parts, but the umbrella could be handy, too. Need to check out getting a base.

Speaking of free stuff, I've been getting stuff almost daily from the recycling email list. Except for one desk chair which was nasty, I've gotten quality stuff and exactly what I've wanted. Amazing. Sometimes I just want to ask if anyone would like me to just take a shopping cart through their house and I'll haul stuff away. (This is kinda how I got such a cluttered house, though, ya think?)

What I want most is a couch, but I don't have a truck. Nice couches come up all the time. Sure would like a new one I didn't pay $1000 for. Guess that's worth a truck rental.

Finally, an end to the most boring post I've ever done.

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Anonymous said...

I need to check and see if we have a freecycle in this area. All the places to donate always seem full.