Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Beginning some time about two months ago, I started going to a podiatrist for pain in the balls of my feet. Things have gotten better with the inserts taking pressure off and 9-12 Advil a day reducing the pain and inflammation.

This weekend while out camping, J noticed my eyes are yellow if you pull back the lower lid - I thought I'd gotten a bug in one during the hike, so he was doing an inspection.

Of course, I've gone through the idea of liver cancer and every other disease, but I think it is the high dosage of Advil, a med listed that can cause jaundice. I can't see yellow in my mucous membranes or elsewhere, but jaundice may be a contributing factor to my tiredness and spaciness.

Remind me in two weeks after I limit myself on the Advil, but balance that with the foot pain increasing.

It sucks getting old. Just a few weeks to 45.


Klynn said...

Oy! Definitely cut back on the ibu.profen. And call your doc. OD'ing on ibu.profen might cause permanent liver damage. I'm not sure, but I'd sure check with your doc and/or Dr. Google. At the very least, your M.D. can offer you alternative pain meds. Maybe you could try napr.oxen? But definitely don't take risks with your health.

Klynn said...



Cricket said...

Okay, okay. I made an appt for tomorrow morning.

Ron Southern said...

I remember 45 (and I already felt old and weary!). What a bummer.

Shinny said...

Can you take regular aspirin? If the point is to reduce inflammation, good old aspirin was the original for that.
I used to take Aleve for pain, one a day is not a lie, at least for me. Not sure how either of these will react with any other medication but I know that Advil and Tylenol never worked for me just made me nauseous.

Good luck and I hope you start feeling better soon. Drink lots of fluids to keep your system flushing.

Cricket said...

Of course, he didn't see any yellow in my eyes today, but did bloodwork anyway.

I am so creaky without my Advil.