Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chris' due







Sunday afternoon, I had a date with Chris. We went to see the butterflies, walk the park, and have a picnic. Despite all his difficulties in the past, he is such a polite person and such good company. We can talk and talk. I told him that I'm crass and he says he likes that, too. He's a funny combination.

I related about a girl at the pool party who'd gotten a new tattoo and was showing it off. It was a tramp stamp of a three leaf clover with Celtic windings filling the leaves. I told Chris all I could think of was some guy banging her from behind thinking about how he'd gotten lucky! Chris said that's not crass; that's funny. He doesn't dish, but he can take.

The other night on the phone, we were talking about his old beat up Vol.vo. My son overheard the conversation and it later wound up a long discussion about Vol.vos. Mr. TV Marketing Sponge spoke encouragingly about their five star crash rating.

Bully for Chris, I guess, in J's eyes. It was the first J knew of Chris (somehow he'd missed our previous conversations and I hadn't mention our dates on J's off weekends) and J seemed a bit surprised. The way he acted, I think he'd probably like to meet him. I think I'll wait a while, as Chris and I need to be something more.

What exactly is the question. I surprise myself liking him like I do. I'm not attached, I just enjoy him. A pleasant surprise. I told him the other day that I have a Morm.on conscience named Norma on my shoulder demanding that I take it slow. It seems to suit him as well.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both enjoy each others company.
This is a good thing.
I hope this works out whatever you would like it to be for Cricket.