Monday, December 17, 2007

Black Monday

Ex got some not so good news this morning via FedEx.

Although he volunteered for several years and was forcibly rebuked, he's been called back up to active duty for Iraq or Afghanistan, anyone's guess. He's been out for over five years. It would cost him $5K just to gather uniforms and equipment, as everything has changed since he was in.

With one month notice, his dates are for 14 months beginning mid January. Guess how long he'd need in until he'd get the retirement he (and me!!!) was gypped out of? 16 months. The military plays it to the wire and couldn't care less about personnel or families.

He is livid. They are certainly scraping the bottom of the barrel on this. He tried for years to volunteer so that he (and I!!!!) would get his retirement, now they've found him in the farthest recesses of the closet after, at one point, they said it would be illegal for him to come back in. He wants to know what law changed!

It would be a $40K/year pay cut. He's already tap dancing near bankruptcy (I have a post composed but not uploaded) and this will put him over. And if it does, bankruptcy-declaring officers are put in jail without pay! This will wreck two households.

I could see having to sell my house and move someplace cheap in the next few months. I'd have to live off the proceeds. There goes J's college fund.

I hope this is a nightmare and it will go away. He's trying to call in favors and become mission critical in his current position so he would be required to stay.

It's no wonder I really sucked as an Officer's Wife. It is a dick life with a dick employer. All the heartache has flooded back. Don't let the "Daddy yells surprise from a pretty box" Christmas stories warm your heart too much. There are too many other tales of woe.


DD said...

A friend/co-worker is in exactly the same situation as your husband: just shy of retirement. So they sent her to Iraq and there she will finish out her time, but they told her they could keep her longer if theys so wish.

Every last drop...that's what they want.

brite69 said...

I am SO sorry to hear about this. I hope he's able to stay. If my ex-husband can pull in favors and simply be discharged (not dishonorably, but another word I can't remember) for goin AWOL, then I would like to believe that your ex will be able to call in his favors and be allowed to stay.

The whole doing what they want whenever they want with out consideration for who it hurts thing the military does with it's personell is exactly what made me a horrible ARMY wife. Thankfully I didn't have to experience it for too long.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm sorry, Miss Crix. That is terrible news.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that's terrible news. I wish I could say I was surprised by the military's actions but given the mess they're in, I'm not.


Anonymous said...

I am so horribly sorry. This government and administration are a bunch of crooks and I hate to see them hurt innocent people. I'm so sorry your life has suddenly turned so uncertain. I send you my best. And hope that you can find some peace in the midst of whatever chaos may come.

Anonymous said...

That is bad news. Sorry to hear this.