Sunday, December 02, 2007

Red-faced woman


I am sick of Blogger and Picasa. It is spilling over and became my post instead of lovely parade pictures.

I despise that I cannot simply download a stellar picture of Boomer/Boumer from a fellow Cricketson's email, create a file for it in Picasa, then actually be able to find that file or picture. Oh, they show up in Windows, but Picasa fails to recognize these plain Jane jpgs, although strangely the file shows up in Picasa's file manager. It knows it's there, but it refuses to show it.


This only happened with the latest upgrade a few months ago. I keep waiting on them to correct it, but it hasn't happened.

I also despise that the Blogger uploading tool is hit or miss. Often times, it just gets lost. Further, the save for later thing doesn't usually work, so I have to do a post of only pictures, then work to compile the rest of the post. I dislike that while choosing and uploading a picture, the computer is locked and I cannot gather information or links from other locations. As a result, I must edit the incompletely uploaded picture post.

I think Google has it all wrong if they think Picasa works well with Blogger. I can't use half the pictures I want. I steal bandwidth as a result; it's the only way I can get anything off the web. Frustratingly, when I get emails of photos from friends, I can't download them into Picasa, so they are not being organized with the rest of my photos. Essentially, if I didn't take the picture, I lose the record of the event.

I don't have a NaBloPoMo "I succeeded" badge because I can't download it and I don't want to steal bandwidth. This is serious stuff, folks! (If you have it and don't mind ifI steal bandwidth, please let me know.)


One other Blogger thing: my save for later feature does not work as I compose. It isn't saving the post for me as I go in case of a crash and it locks up if I try to make it save for me. I now compose all my posts in Yahoo emails over time, then cut and paste it to Blogger, inserting links and correcting the format. I have to publish directly. Although I can generally find a way around the snafu, but it sure does get old.

But I can't find a way around the picture snafu. For this photo bug, it is a glaring problem and it impacts my quality of life and blogging. (Going for the drama there!)

ETA - Thanks for your input about the header, Ron and Semavi Lady. I couldn't find the picture line to input to center it, but I did uncenter the copy, so at least the header is readable, even if it isn't that pretty. I hope Blogger figures this one out, too. Bugs me that they messed things up.


Ron Southern said...

Things are a little screwed up for many people. Meanwhile, I've had no trouble except with the header photo. It can't be a reward for my morality on earth, so I guess I'm just getting by on somebody else's karma (like you are on somebody else's bandwidth). Sigh.

Monica Cassani said...

hmmm....I switched to wordpress a while back and have been very happy. I was able to import my entire blog from blogger.

in the interest of full disclosure though, I didn't understand what you were talking about and when I was with blogger I had no problem with pics, but I had a newer template too. Is the problem possibly your template?

You very well may be doing things that are more complicated than anything I've ever taken on---like learning code---which I know nothing about.

dawn224 said...

WEll, you know I feel your pain about header and blog problems. I'm still all short of breath and verklempt about it. grumble. Good luck....

Semavi Lady said...

Cricket, I don't have your email so I can't help you via the comment interface.

The section you need to edit is the location where the cricket photo is found in your template. I can't paste into a comment because it gets parsed into page code which can't be done in comments. (it is about security and keeps hackers from adding stuff like trojan downloaders to your comments)
Link tabs, BOLDING and italics are okay in comments, but not template code.

But it would be in the section of your template, RIGHT ABOVE where you have CHURP CHURP in your header. :)

Classic template code makes it very easy to find and is the basis of all coding I do professionally.

As to Picasa not knowing where your pics are, Picasa only reads image code and doesn't hack into your email files to sniff out what is in your emails, so you need to save your photos in a folder. For example, create a My Photos folder, which you could plant in "My Documents" and then Picasa will find it.

Picasa really is designed for people that don't know their way around their folders and often that means there is more shielding from an actual learning experience, much the way the AOL interface protects AOL'ers from needing to learn much about their computers (grin).

If you know your way around your folders and are familiar with computer file hierachies, you do not need to use Picasa for uploads.

You'd have to email me from my blog if you want to start an email dialog that has code and CSS instructions.

PS. You do not need to post this comment!!! -- but it is my only alternative at the moment.

Take care. Sounds like fun at the parade. A sheltie eh? Cute!

J sounds like a wonderful kid!

Semavi Lady said...

Dawn, you do not have any code in your template that designates the photo you want to use as a header. That's a start... perhaps. Insert the code. :)

dawn224 said...

I fixed my header!!!! Now we can see if we can figure out yours! :)

Cricket said...

Just to be thorough, I do download emailed or web-stolen images into files - either new or existing files within Picasa's filing system. I can see these images within Windows, for example if I try to attach one to an email, it'll show. However, within Picasa, the new file and image or the new image that I put in an existing file will not show.

Will email you now. My email addy is in the right sidebar.

Thanks so much.

Congrats, Dawn.

Semavi Lady said...


okay, I have a couple of ideas for the Picasa issue.

When you have Picasa open, go to Tools on the menu bar and choose FOLDER Manager. From inside the manager, go to one of the folders where your new downloaded pics are not showing up. Check to be sure that SCAN ALWAYS is turned on. This option makes Picasa refresh the folders you choose. If it was turned off for some reason, maybe that is the cause of the missing pics. I'm really not sure what is going on so am throwing out ideas.

If it is still not working, your download of the Picasa program or its installation might have a glitch.

Go to the control panel and do the 'add/remove programs' dance; get rid of Picasa 2. You might try saving your database if that option is offered, BUT... since that might be the reason for the broken behavior, maybe a totally fresh install is what you need. After removing the old Picasa program...

Reboot and go get a fresh copy of Picasa 2 and see if this one doesn't behave better. This alone may find your parade photos, etc.

With the fresh install of Picasa in place, see if the behavior is now better.

If all else fails, do your uploads straight from windows explorer with Blogger's picture tool.

If Picasa is your picture editor, then just edit pics that way but upload using the old fashion Blogger picture tool.

Another alternative is to get an account on Flickr or another photo site and use the URLs from there.

Good luck! (and we'll try to fix the header, which I'm assuming for some reason, you want to have centered.)

Not Fainthearted said...

the troubles you describe make me feel good about my decision last year to bail on blogger and go to wordpress.

The hosted (free) is a dandy service and I fully recommend it.

On the other hand, if you want to borrow band-width for the NaBlo button, let me know and I'll shoot you the URL of my pics.

Cricket said...

S Lady,
What you describe within the Picasa file manager, I had already checked. For example, the Xmas Parade 07 file showed up just fine and the right visibility thing was checked. But it still doesn't show when looking at the main library.

Yesterday, I downloaded Picasa again, but I did it on top of the old, as that's their directions. I will try again and wipe the old one out.

"If all else fails, do your uploads straight from windows explorer with Blogger's picture tool."

If Picasa is your picture editor, then just edit pics that way but upload using the old fashion Blogger picture tool."

Where is the picture tool? I thought they required the use of Picasa for uploading.

If you sent an email, I haven't checked that acct yet and need to come back to that later. Until then...

Thanks fainthearted. I may go steal it for myself!

Ron Southern said...

Cricket, you can still use the Blogger Picture Icon (or Tool); I use it all the time. It's second from the right on the Edit Html toolbar and third from the right on the Compose toolbar.