Monday, December 31, 2007


As I was leaving to go to the dinner on Xmas Day afternoon, I glanced up the street and saw my neighbor. He was quietly standing in the yard holding a coffee mug. I was so freaking glad to see him.

He wasn't due home for three weeks, but the replacement for his job supporting Iraq (was in the Middle East but not in Iraq) came early, so he left early. With no fanfare or warning to his family, he got home on the evening of Dec 22. From the airport, he caught a ride (knowing him, took a bus) and just knocked on his front door.

That's just so him.

They're the SIF couple who have b/g IVF twins turning two in a few weeks.


Also on Xmas Day, there was a real tussle Down South, way south on the Antarctic, which required medical evacuation to New Zealand. Because nobody is fessing up, the buzz is that what happens in Antarctica, stays in Antarctica. Although the article said that the two involved weren't scientists, I guess it was the same outpost as blogger, Julius, who is a wonderful read and great photographer.


Back when I had my big old house and I actually decorated for Xmas, each year I would transform our Xmas tree into a New Year's tree. I would remove the angel and ornaments, leaving the garland and lights. I even sewed a New Year's tree skirt. For the limbs, I'd collected various New Year's decorations, added streamers, and transformed our tree into a new season completely. I got the idea from a little BH&G blurb, but I see someone else has the idea, too.

To be clear, this isn't the traditional version of a New Year Tree. Guess it is the Americanized version.

I always thought that if I had a kid born after Xmas, I'd make this brightly colored tree in celebration. Growing up, both my aunt and her daughter had birthdays a few days after Xmas and it seemed so conflicting. I think a Birthday/New Year's tree would have been great for the transition.


Due to my year end readings, I feel compelled to make a list of some kind. Or two.

According to my account records and the ratings I did after I watched each movie, these are my 5-star earning NetFlix rentals for this year:
American History X
The Story of the Weeping Camel
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Manhattan (for my son)
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Dear Frankie (which I rent every year)
Paper Clips (for both my son and I)
Eddie Izzard: Glorious
The Great Escape

In turn, here are my lowest (2-star) rated rentals:
Schultze Gets the Blues
Mrs. Brown
The Opposite of Sex
Farewell My Concubine
My Neighbors the Yamadas
Velvet Goldmine
Melinda and Melinda
Japanese Story
8 1/2 Women (my only 1-star of the year)

To elaborate about a few of the failures:
Mrs. Brown - I hate period movies, should have never rented it
Velvet Goldmine - when my mother called, I told her I was watching a movie more stupid than Rocky Horror (which I like) and she cringed; I realized that Jonathan Rhys Meyers in glam drag looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson
Melinda and Melinda - could Woody Allen get any more confusing or boring? I was never vested, even though I liked the lead actress in other things before.
Japanese Story - although I love Toni Collette (congrats on the new baby, ol' lady!), she failed miserably on this "love" story
8 1/2 Women - defies words, that ridiculous, although some of the cinematography was beautiful

Wishing you a Happy New Year full of good surprises, lots of love, and masses of personal wealth.

I don't ask for much for my buddies!

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