Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pervy Sunday

Posted Sunday, so you're not checking this at work. But then, you're probably not working again until Wednesday anyway. Except you brite of the odd hours.

I wish I'd have thought of this (beyond my cuke fantasy) with my disinterested ex

who was a dickhead when I was married to him. Oh look, here's one now!

I wonder if Jamie-Lynn used one of these?

They learn young.

Sorry, it's 3am and I'm a little punchy.


brite69 said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I love the stapled condom. That is spectacular.

And yes, I am at work today. It's Happy Retard Sunday here, as I am just flippin loopy today. (Hope I didn't offend anyone with that last sentence. We EMS folk are very uncouth.)

Aunt Becky said...

Pervy. Awesome.

Thanks, Miss Cricket.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! Thank you so much---I'm always eternally grateful for a belly laugh.

I don't laugh enough---take my life way too seriously!!

Cricket said...

Wow, you likey!

I feared everyone wanting to take a shower after their visit.

Anonymous said...

what a scream!

Is that magazine ad real??? (OK. I just woke up from a nap and I'm a little gullible.)

anyway, thanks for the laugh. my head feels better alread!

Cricket said...

I think you're talking about the first one? It's a PostSecret creation from this week's batch. The rest are from varous humor blogs I see.

Anonymous said...


Donna said...

Thanks for the giggle. I can't believe you thought they were pervy! Although tame by my standards, still great. Happy New Year.

Cricket said...

Oh, Donna. I chickened out and took off the really pervy ones.

I'll save them up for you!