Saturday, December 08, 2007


I needed an idea for blogging today and not fainthearted helped me out. NFh, is there a site to include your blog that you participated as a Saturday Scavenger?

These are photos from my files relating to the word, "light." I chose to make it seasonal, despite my spiritual tendencies.

The first two are from a popular drive-though-just-off-the-interstate phenomenon.

The next two are from the very special tour we got to take last year.

This is where we're going again tonight!


Not Fainthearted said...

Excellent pics!

I was just going to some of the sites that seem to be involved and there doesn't seem to be an "organized" carnival for this. Check Laura B. at
(she picked the word this week)

or Evil-E at
(seems to be his brainchild)

Churlita also always plays, but posts at the end of the day

Of course, now, my comment will probably be tagged as spam. ;-)

Aunt Becky said...

I totally love the pix. They're cheering me up today.

Thanks, Cricket.

Anonymous said...

I am liking the fact that my little scavenger hunt idea is spreading. Thanks for playing along. I like the new people jumping on board.

I have hit two new blogs because of it and hope that you feel welcome enough to stop over at my place ( as well...the more the merrier.

I like the photos of the word light...well done. My brother, aliencg will be choosing the next word.

brite69 said...

I've been wanting to take Alex to this Christmas at Crossroads thing for the last couple of years, but they only do it on the weekends, which, of course, I can't do. They let you drive through to look on Mondays and I think we might do that. If we do, I'll let him take some pictures and post them.

Great pictures, btw. I especially love that last one of J.